Adjust Mileage for Volvo S80 2008 with OBDSTAR X300M


Here is the example of correct Volvo S80 2008 odometer mileage via OBD with OBDSTAR X300M step by step.

Supply tools:OBDSTAR X300M
Current mileage:

Connect with X300M S80

Select "Vehicle"

Select "Mileage ADJUSTMENT"

Then choose your vehicle model: "OTHER MODELS" -> "OTHER MODELS V30.51"

It is loading ...

Initializing ...

Authorizing ...

Then find "Volvo" -> "S80" -> "07-"

Choose "Mileage adjustment"

Switch ignition on

Switch ignition off and press ENT to continuous

X300M is reading mileage ...

Then it will prompt you to input the name of file to save

After that, press ENT

It will remind you to confirm current mileage

Next, input the mileage of the adjustment and press ENT

OBDSTAR X300M is Adjusting mileage ...

Operation success!

Turn ignition on and see the changed mileage