How to get UPA USB programmer v1.2 work with UPA-USB v1.3 software


It's old version upa programmer V1.2. This yellow board cannot work with upa usb programmer software v1.3.0.14.

Rework this programmer to version 1.3:

Look at two photos below to rework yourself

Then the old upa-usb programmer would works with v1.3 software. But any damage at your rework is not related to obd2express. Try on your own risk.

If you're not experienced to it, it's a good choice to get a v1.3.0.14 UPA USB programmer full version for less than $100. It will ensure your repair work without issues with UPA 1.3.

This is the working UPA USB programmer v1.3.0.14.


It has been tested to work no issues.

Upa-usb v1.3 read eeprom 93C46

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