Renault ECU Programming with TL866A Mini Pro? Wellon? Fgtech Galletto?


Renault ECU decoders will be recommended for you here.These two has been successfully tested by users, who talk about it on forums.

Device to use: Mini Pro TL866A EEPROM Programmer

/Wellon Universal Programmer

/Fgtech Galletto V54 Mater

ECU type: Renault Siemens Sirius 32N


Customer A

Device recommended: TL866 Mini pro programmer "if You are planning to work frequently on those ecu I recommend to buy TL866 Mini pro programmer.

With tsop44 adapter, this tool is very stable for reading F200 flash fitted on Sirius32"

Customer B

Device recommended: TL-866 programmer & Wellon programmer

I also have TL-866 programmer and that one is working good too.

wellon tells you which pins does not have good connections ...

I bought TL-866 programmer with with tsop44 adapter... it's good to have backup tools.

Customer C

Device recommended: Fgtech gallettoRead Siemens sirius 32 with Fgtech galletto on boot mode flash.

The wiring diagram below:

Red ------> pin 29

Red ------> pin 30

Black ------> pin 3 ground

Green ------> pin 56 K-Line

Yellow------> pin 26 L-Linea

Gray wire you can use for boot 29f200

(Gray wire has already 1000 ohm resistor )